Teacher – Sasha Chapman

Sasha Chapman - Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher

Goes by the name of: Sasha

Likes to teach: Vinyasa, Bikram Hot Yoga & Sculpt

Known for: a strong and structured class with smiles and giggles along the way – yes, you are allowed to smile in a bikram class! Sasha graduated form teacher training in 2013 and remains dedicated to her practice. Having two young children, Sasha has found her yoga practice has bought a calmness to her life as well as physical and mental wellbeing.

Makes you leave feeling: hot and sweaty! Sasha was first introduced to Bikram yoga in 2011 after a friend suggested she attend a couple of classes to help prevent injury whilst training for the 2012 Brighton Marathon. Even after crawling out the room in a hot, sweaty mess, she couldn’t wait to get back in there and neither will you!