James Crossley - Hitt, yoga & Gong Bath Teacher

James Crossley

Likes to teach: Yoga, Gong Bath and HIIT

Known for: James is strength and conditioning coach who has worked in fitness for over 30 years. A former bodybuilding champion,’The Ultimate Gladiator’ from the 90s TV show, strongman and multipe World Record holder. After years of this aggressive yang style training and a host of injuries James decided it was time to switch his training ethic. He now concentrates on different styles of yoga with mixed in with more sensible strength training.

After years of searching for a form of meditation and mindfulness that would click, James discovered gong baths whilst on a yoga retreat in Bali. Instantly mesmerised by the class and the benefits he decided to train in gongs and other sound bath instruments.

Makes you leave feeling: Yoga and HIIT – Students will feel energised and motivated, Gong – Students will feel relaxed and rebalanced.