Workshops at Sadhana Yoga & wellbeing
Deep Release - Letting go through Body Balls & Live Music workshop

Backbending and Connecting to the Shakti Power Within

with Bridget Kramer

16th September 2-4:30pm

Bridget will guide through safe and effective opening of the gateways of the body for successful backbends.

Different areas of the body will be targeted through opening and strengthening for backbending safely and deeply. You will receive individual tools that you need to access your backbends, working around releasing and preparing the shoulders and legs, as well as building strength in the spine and opening the hips.

Throughout this vinyasa flow workshop a variety of backbends will be taught, and techniques for dropping back into wheel will be covered.

Backbends also open our lungs and allow deeper fuller breaths, as well as being empowering and invigorating and can leave you feeling like your heart is more open.

Shakti is our creative energy and creative expression, it is seen as the divine feminine element of creativity, strength, power and pulsation. Backbends help us tap into shakti and her courage.


The Magic Of Yin

with Norman Blair

14th October 3-6pm

This three-hour Yin yoga workshop is a precious chance to slow down and to soften.

Norman Blair is one of the most experienced Yin teachers in UK and he has been teaching these workshops since 2003.

This practice of mindfully bending and gently moving can be remarkably rejuvenating for our body-mind-heart.

Yin yoga gives us the space to slow down and stay with our experiences rather than always rushing and striving to achieve. The floor-based postures are held for several minutes.

Norman began practising yoga in the early 1990s and he has been teaching since 2001. His practice and teaching embrace both Ashtanga yoga and Yin yoga as well as mindfulness meditation.

The Magic of Yin Workshop
Backbending and Connecting to the Shakti Power

Deep Release - Letting go through Body Balls & Live Music

with Bridget Kramer

11th November 2-4pm

Deep dive letting go of the year, turning within, moving slowly with our breath.

This slow flow will be a meditative practice using therapeutic balls for fascia (connective tissue) release, targeting areas of tension, to release patterns of holding that we have in our body.

We will be using different sized balls to roll and release the fascia. This connective tissue covers everything in the body, from muscle fibres to muscles and organs, it runs from the soles of our feet to our head. It holds our patterns of sitting, walking, standing, and carries life’s experiences.

This workshop will enable you release and let go of these patterns. It is like a self deep massage.

Sometimes yoga poses are just not enough and we need these techniques that will help you release and reset these sticky areas of tightness, tension and holding. This will also have a highly beneficial effect on your yoga asana practice.

All this wonderful work will be done to the live meditative soothing sound of a hand pan drum.