Carolina Fajardo - Bikram & Vinyasa yoga teacher

Carolina Fajardo

Likes to teach: Bikram and Vinyasa Yoga.

Known for: She is known for a deep belief in the beauty of yoga and its benefits.  For Carolina, finding yoga was like finding a happy pill for life!

She would never have imagined saying these words, as her first classes felt like paying to be tortured.  She soon came to realise the unique power of yoga and what practice and discipline can achieve physically and mentally.

The world is filled with news, views and influences that constantly take away our peace and the connection between our body and minds. Carolina seeks to create an inviting space via encouragement and positive classes to restores this balance.

We all need kindness and love in our lives, and Carolina has found this in her yoga practice. She believes in yoga there is no need for judgement, stress, or giving ourselves a hard time. Breathe, release and recharge, ever breath is a gift.

Yoga provides an inviting place for health, vitality, love, and self-care.

Carolina aim is that you leave her class with a smile (even if you aren’t smiling all the way through 😉

Makes you leave feeling:  Carolina’s class leaves you feeling recharged and renewed ready to face the world, hopefully with that smile she is after!