Almania Colombo - Yoga Teacher

Almania Colombo

Almania was born in Germany but grew up mainly in Italy. She tried her first Bikram yoga class while living in New York.

Wearing sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt she had to leave the room, thinking she would never go back in. Years later she decided to give Bikram yoga another try.

Mainly she was looking for a way to keep warm, since the heat wasn’t working properly in her apartment.

After her first two weeks at the studio, someone convinced her to take part of the 30 days challenge. Once she finished the 30 days, she decided to double it and make it a 60 days challenge.

After six months of practice Almania decided to go to Teacher training and attended Bikram 2011 Spring TT in L.A.

She is been happily practicing, teaching and traveling ever since and is grateful for the people she came across during this yoga journey.

Almania also entered her first yoga competition in 2013. Preparing for it was the best way to improve her practice.

Thanks to the help of many teachers, in particular Ky Ha, she won the International Championship in 2016