Nina Rashid

Like to teach: Vinyasa & Yin

Known for: Making yoga accessible to everyone and teaching from her heart and soul. Join Nina on the mat, be prepared to laugh, work hard, get some deep nourishing relaxation and open your heart.

Makes you leave feeling: Grounded with an open heart

What our students say: Nina gave lots of individual attention to all the yogis and shared some great knowledge.

Nina started her yoga journey in Kerala, India whilst flying around the world as cabin crew for a major airline based in the Middle East. She loved the softness of yoga, compared to other sports, and has always been very active and competitive.

Yoga, in all its forms drew Nina into its magical realm and within one year she found herself at the beautiful White Lotus Foundation, training to be a teacher with the esteemed Ganga White in 1998.

Nina still considers herself a student and is very passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone by being an Accessible Yoga Teacher and Ambassador in the UK.


Hot Yoga, Restorative, Children’s Yoga, Yin, Meditation, Chair Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Dynamic Mindfulness, MBCT(Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) and Nordic Walking