Petra Viitala - Reiki Therapist

Petra Viitala


Petra was introduced to energy healing in 2018, and has since completed Level 1 and 2 of the Usui Reiki system, and is now a qualified Reiki Practitioner. Petra is passionate about a practical, spiritual approach to life and finding meaning through Reiki, yoga practise and following heart and intuition.

Reiki sessions are designed for the highest good of the individual receiving the treatment and Reiki will help with what is needed at that moment. That could be physical relief, deep rest and relaxation or healing on the heart and soul levels. In Petra’s experience the benefits of Reiki sessions include feeling more connected to authentic self and the universe and experiencing alignment with your purpose.


Saturday: 09:00 – 14:00


50 minutes of Reiki £50 / 3 sessions £130

Free 15-minute consultation available, over the phone or in-person

Introductory Offer:

First Reiki session £30

For bookings, please see therapist contact details below.