Teacher – Marylou McDonnell

Marylou McDonnell - Bikram Hot Yoga & Yin Teacher

Goes by the name of: Marylou McDonnell

Likes to teach: Bikram Hot Yoga, Yin & vinyasa

Known for: Boosting your confidence, motivation and happiness. Marylou is always grateful to help you to discover the healing and therapeutic benefits of your practice and to improve your wellbeing. Her goal as a teacher is to observe, guide, support and encourage, and this comes from a place of deep respect for each student and for the practice. She is currently training in Yoga Therapy and this enriches her teaching. Ask her questions, she loves that!

Makes you leave feeling: On top of the world and already looking forward to your next class

What our students say: Marylou is a fantastic Bikram instructor, she always keeps it lively and energetic and always stops to assist us and gives fantastic tips.