Benefits of Sea Vegetables

Join Beth on a journey to the coasts and rocky shores to investigate the health benefits available from sea vegetables.

Marine algae, aka “sea vegetables”, derive their vitamins and minerals from the sea and have sustained humans for thousands of years.

From Japan, China and Korea to the coasts of Ireland, Cornwall and Wales, sea vegetables are prized for their incredible health benefits and delicious umami or savoury flavour.

Besides being rich sources of vitamins and minerals, sea vegetables support cardiovascular health, the immune system, blood sugar balance and gut health.

Inexpensive and easy to keep in the cupboard for extended periods of time, sea vegetables can be a key ingredient for inspired easy-to-prepare healthy meals when working from home.

Part 1: Join me as we investigate the various types of sea vegetables and the health benefits they offer.

Part 2 We’ll look at ways to include sea vegetables in meal planning and snacks.

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