A Sadhana Love Story – Love at First Sight 

Ariana Santucci and James Hunter Crossley are both instructors at Sadhana. James, who’s best knows for his role as Hunter in the hit TV series Gladiators, came to Sadhana for yin yoga and breath work. At the time, James was training for his next bodybuilding world record and had been suffering from pain. For James, bringing yoga and breath-work into his workout routine was an obvious choice. Little did he know that his world was about to change.

Here’s what Arianna had to say about the day they met:

“As I walked into my Yin yoga class ready to teach, I saw this man sitting on the first row and I literally thought, ‘oh my, who is this guy!?’ I completely fell for him within the first 3 minutes of the class. I couldn’t stop looking at him. I almost couldn’t remember what I was going to teach that day. I felt a mental block coming on that was due to love at first sight! About 10 minutes into the class, he got up and left because there wasn’t enough space for his mat between the other students. I thought, okay that was a quick loss! I guess my class didn’t make an impression on him…”

However, the next week he was back in my class with more room to move around this time. After class we started to chat and we kept on chatting until he invited me over for dinner. James made me an amazing lasagna and since then I have kept him chained to me without any intention of letting him go. Handsome men who can actually cook?!… They are almost extinct! I have to hold on tight” – Arianna

That class was three years ago and since then, Arianna and James have become an unstoppable duo together. Arianna and James share a passion for traveling and pushing themselves to the limit. They love to tackle “mission impossible” style holidays like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or hiking the Inca trail. When doing things together, the sky is their limit.

We asked Arianna and James how Covid-19 has been for the couple?

‘At the beginning of Covid, it was really hard as we were unsure what level of exposure you give to the people you love by seeing them. The pandemic made us realize how important we are for one another. We were able to lean on each other through the hard times which has made us a stronger couple.’ – James

What does the future hold?

Arianna and James and currently planning all of their epic travel adventures for when the world returns to normal. In the meantime, they are supporting each other, doing daily workouts, playing music, cooking and staying busy. Since meeting Arianna, James has become certified to teach vinyasa, yin, and gong bath meditations.

Is there anything you’d like to remind our readers about love?

“You really can have it all… incredible happiness, love and passion. Never give up on your dreams even when you go through tough times. You never know what might happen. I walked into my yoga class not knowing I would find the man of my dreams! We’re so happy we found each other.” – Arianna