Sadhana: A Place for Space

Space is a term with lots of different meanings and uses. We exist in space, be it our place within the vast cosmology of the universe, or the office building, or tube carriage, in which you are reading this blog entry. We also speak of space as something to be created. On a day-to-day basis we create space in our schedules, and choose the spaces in which we live and breathe. Space is clearly something constant and very important to our existence, but how can we harness its powerful potential for positive effect?

Sadhana Dalston Chillout Area

Space in Yoga

In the practice and philosophy of yoga, space is key. When living in the hustle and bustle of a place like London, it is often hard to find space for stillness or reflection. This is why we refer to Sadhana as a ‘space where you can connect to you’. During practice, yoga teachers often refer to arriving and being present on the four corners of your mat: you have created space and time in the schedule for this practice; created space for you.

Beyond this, there is the space created by the physical aspects of yoga. The asanas (poses) of physical yoga help to create space in the body,from the downward dog elongating your spine, or those often-difficult forward folds creating space in your thighs and calves. But as all yogis know, the practice does not stop there. Yoga is often referred to as a ‘moving mediation’. In this practice, we use breath and meditation try clear the mind of external distractions, creating internal space to turn focus of the mind inwards, giving us the clarity and strength to move between each asana and beyond the mat.

Space in Everyday Life

How, then do we can channel this mindfulness concerning space to our everyday lives? Unfortunately, many of us, for whatever reason, are not able to travel to the yoga studio and practice everyday. However, it might be a lot easier to make smaller changes. Create space in your schedule by waking up a bit earlier, or taking a shorter lunch, allowing you to do just 15 or 20 minutes of yoga or meditation. Stop mindlessly scrolling through social feeds on your commute. Instead, download a mindfulness app on your phone and look inwards before starting the day. Be mindful of the spaces that you exist within, think about how they make you feel, and what you can do to improve them.

Making a place for space in your everyday life is something you won’t regret, and it won’t be long you will begin to reap the mental, physical and spiritual benefits.

Blog written by George Bartlett.