Self Isolation Support

with Melissa Re

Melissa Re is a Sadhana Live yoga teacher, certified Stress Management Specialist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Melissa has created a series of short videos designed to help us deal with anxiety and protect our mental health whilst in self isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.
Not seeing family and friends, losing your regular routine and being stuck in the same place for a long time can take its toll on our mental health.

Dealing with anxiety

Each video covers a different topic to help us stay informed, and equip us with tools to tackle stress and anxiety during these challenging times. The series includes:
  1. What Is stress?
  2. Relieving stress in the body
  3. Deep breathing to relax
  4. Mindfulness to relax
  5. Sleep and rest
  6. Isolation tips

Watch the series on Sadhana Live here.