Terms and Conditions

When signing a Registration Form to use the services provided by any of the Sadhana companies (hereinafter Sadhana) you agree to the below Terms and Conditions.

1. Written Communication

1.1. You accept that communication may be in an electronic form including, but not limited to e-mails or information posted on our website. For contractual purposes, you agree and accept that any electronic communications comply with any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

1.2. Sadhana can provide notice to you by the e-mail address that you most recently provided to Sadhana or by post to the most recent postal address provided. Pass holders are required to give written notice to Sadhana of any change of address or email.

1.3. It is your responsibility to ensure that any notice served by e-mail has been sent to the correct email address of the addressee. The correct email address can be obtained from the reception at Sadhana and may change from time to time. It is your responsibility to ensure that any notice served by post is sent to the correct address and has been placed in the post. The correct address is as follows: 91 St Johns Hill, Battersea, London SW11 1SY.

2. Liability

As a result of my enrolment to become a student of classes offered by any of the Sadhana Companies (hereinafter Sadhana) I accept that it is my responsibility to adhere to the following:

2.1. Seek medical advice, prior to undertaking any activity offered at Sadhana, and to be found in good health and fully able to all exercises and classes which I am to practise at Sadhana. I must always update teachers on any new medical issues. If I have any medical condition, I understand that I am NOT authorised to take any class without my doctor’s medical prior approval.

2.2. Faithfully follow all instructions given to me by authorized instructors as to when and how to perform and not perform yoga, body movement exercises and wellbeing activities. I understand the practise, in a heated or non-heated room, of yoga, group exercise (with and without weights) and wellbeing activities may expose to risk of personal injury, disease, or death and I knowingly and willingly assume such a risk.

2.3. I understand and agree that I will receive instruction in yoga, body movement theory and exercises and wellbeing activities only. I acknowledge that any suggestion regarding yoga, exercise, and wellbeing are neither diagnostic nor prescriptive and that I hold not liable Sadhana, its employers, officers, directors, shareholders, and contract trainers for any damage to or theft or personal property on or away from Sadhana premises, or personal injury, including but not limited to bodily injury, disease, disability, death, humiliation, or consequential loss of any kind arising out of my participation in any Sadhana’s activity or event.

2.4. In the event that I am pregnant, I will not attend any class until I have discussed the potential risk to my unborn child/foetus with my doctor. I agree that I will follow my doctor’s recommendations on behalf of myself, my heirs, spouse or other interested party and hold harmless Sadhana for any possible injury to my unborn child / foetus. Also, I confirm that I read and fully understand Sadhana’s Pregnancy and Post-natal rules and guidelines.

2.5. If I am under 18 years of age, I warrant that I have disclosed my age to Sadhana and in addition to my signature, I have provided the signature of my parent or legal custodian or guardian.

For regular classes (those not specifically listed as “kids” classes), I must be at least 15 to participate and have a parent or guardian present on the premises during the class.

2.6. Registration fees and tuition for classes paid hereafter are non-refundable including where classes are offered through alternative means, such as live streaming, due to circumstances beyond our control.

2.7. I understand that Sadhana may, from time to time, record and stream live through transmittable media the classes which I attend for the purposes of making such classes available to viewers online. I acknowledge that Sadhana will use reasonable efforts to ensure that my image is not identifiable on such media, however, to the extent that my image is identifiable to viewers of this media, I hereby give my consent to the use of my image for the purposes of making the classes available to online viewers.

2.8 I understand my data will be saved by Sadhana and used for marketing purposes but not shared with third parties.

2.9. I have read and fully understand the Sadhana Terms and Conditions including the requirement to pay fees for late cancellations.

3. Cancelation Policy

3.1. Classes
3.1.1. Bookings must be cancelled online by the student at least 6 hours before the start of the class. Should the Pass Holder cancel within this 6-hour timeframe, this will be classified as a “late-cancellation.” If you do not cancel at all and do not attend, this will be classified as a “no-show.”

3.1.2. If you are on an unlimited package, you will be charged £5 for a late cancellation and £10 for a no-show.

3.1.3. If you are booked using a drop-in or part of a limited pack of classes, your class will be deducted for a late cancellation or no-show.

3.1.4. Students must sign into class 5 minutes prior to the class start time or they may not be granted entry and this will be classified as a late-cancellation. The space will then be released to students on a waiting list.

3.1.5. It is not necessary to book online prior to attending a class and Sadhana will always try to accommodate students. However, class spaces are handed out on a first come first serve basis. If there is no space in the class, students will not be able to attend the class at that time.

3.2. Workshops and Retreats
3.2.1. For advance workshop or retreat bookings a full refund minus a 10% administration fee will be provided if 30-day notice has been given in writing.

3.2.2. If the individual has failed to provide 30-day notice to cancel a retreat or workshop, no refund shall be given unless the individual’s place can be filled. In the event that the individual’s space can be filled, a full refund less a 15% administration fee will be provided.

3.2.3. If Sadhana cancels a workshop or retreat a full refund for any monies paid or the option to transfer onto another retreat or workshop will be offered to the individual.

3.2.4. Sadhana does not currently facilitate flights or transport to any retreat and / or workshops

3.3. Therapists

3.3.1. Each therapist will need to be individually consulted and communicated with, as they work independently from Sadhana. As a guideline, most therapists operate a 24-hour cancellation policy.

4. Teacher and therapist arrangements

4.1 Classes, therapies and other wellbeing services offered at Sadhana are provided by independent teachers and facilitators. All payments for these services are accepted by Sadhana on behalf of the teacher, therapist or facilitator.

The Sadhana Companies includes GLP Consulting Ltd (Company number 06876272) trading as Sadhana Yoga & Wellbeing and SDNA LIVE Ltd (Company number 12121360) trading as Sadhana Live.