Reusable Water Bottles

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

According to, we are using 13 billion plastic carrier bags yearly, with the world using 500 billion single-use plastic bags per year. This is a shocking fact. This is already affecting our ecosystem, food, and this will only get worse unless we all pull together as a world and start to really act consciously about how we use plastic. If we all start acting now to reduce our carbon footprint.

Here at Kula we have started that process to reduce our carbon footprint and we have been taking active steps to assess this problem.

  • Firslty we have stopped wet kit bags in our changing rooms and have been encouraging people to use reusable bags.
  • We have stopped selling plastic bottled water and have now started to sell Aquapax, Natural Mineral Water, which comes in a paper carton. These cartons can be refilled at our filtered water stations provided in the changing rooms.
  • We have also stopped providing plastic bags with any items sold.

With our active measures to help the world reduce it’s carbon footprint, and especially assessing the plastic usage, we are a proud to be a part of an essential movement here at Kula, and understand the importance of starting these changes inside your own community.

Global detail on plastic

On a more global basis, according to The World Economic Forum study done on plastic pollution around the globe, our Oceans will have more plastics than fish by 2050. This stat in itself doesn’t only scare me it upsets me to think we are risking our world.
However we all do have to take the blame until we start to take action ourselves and unfortunately some communities do not understand the importance of this change.

As we start out fight against going plastic free, and reducing our carbon footprint we urge our local commuhnity, the yoga community and the world to do the same. Even though we maybe a drop in the ocean, if we start to fight for this cause, that drop will make all the difference in the ocean.

We are proud to be pushing to ensure join this fight against plastic usage, not just to better our community and our city of London, but to better the world we live in.

Thanks for reading.

Written by Suraj Ghumra