Affiliates & Partners

Affiliates & Partners

Here are a few companies we’ve got something in common with. We love what they do. And we love the way they do it.

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Wanderlust Festival

Wanderlust 108 Festival

Wanderlust 108 is full day celebration in support of the mindful movement. We are excited to announce that Sadhana Yoga & Wellbeing will be an official studio partner at this year’s Wanderlust 108 Festival! Taking place in Battersea Park on 27th July 2019.

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A global charity, working towards their vision of freeing children from poverty and giving them the chance to reach their full potential.



The brainchild of Goldie – internationally renowned DJ, artist and yoga enthusiast – who’s been sharing his love of yoga around the world since beginning his practise in 2010.

Planet Organic

Find inspiration, excitement and good health from the food you eat, with Planet Organic’s huge range of organic goodies.

Planet Organic

Whole Foods Market

The world leader in organic and natural foods, with 434 stores across North America and the UK.