Young Yogis

Before the boom of Bikram Yoga, yoga was not the number one choice of exercise by the younger generation of the western world.

The image of sitting in a room with old people, doing funny movements and postures – oooing and ahhhing was the typical the stereotype, and the emergence of Bikram Yoga changed this whole perception.

Bikram Yoga has been around since the early 1970’s, but in the last decade it has become the worldwide practise it is today.

Beginners workshop Clapham
It has paved the way for many things such as helping the injured; those suffering with depression, people have troubles with diabetes and giving the younger generation something to shout about.

This is one of the most testing forms of yoga – both physically and mentally. It has put the cool into Yoga, with no irony intended.

I started practicing yoga at a the age of 23, and there were many practitioners around me of the same age, Bikram Yoga was the first type of yoga I tried and since that day I wish I started even younger. Due to the nature of the yoga and the intense surrounding whilst practicing, the younger crowd feel like it is more of a sport, but the beauty lies within the fact that you are gaining so much more for your health than you would be doing anything else just as challenging.

The vast amount of yoga and pilate studios across London has increased rapidly and yoga has become the cool thing to do – and Bikram Yoga played a major part in paving the way for this to happen.

Yoga has become a norm in society, amongst all ages and more importantly the young which is a great thing for the future of the practise in the western world.

The average age of practitioners here at BYCJ ranges from 30-35, and that is a tremendously young age bracket, which is a fantastic indication of how far yoga has come.

Even though it took a while for Yoga to spread to the masses within the west, it is a beautiful thing that is helping millions of people to recover from so many different types of physical and mental issues – many of whom avoid having procedures such as surgeries, counseling, and other forms of therapy. And the best part of it all is that all you need is your mind and body.

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