True Purpose of Yoga

True Purpose of Yoga

True Purpose of Yoga Workshop

with Victoria

Saturday 5th Jan, 2-4 pm, clapham, £15

Deepen your understanding of the True Purpose of Yoga

Are you experiencing the Light, Heightened Awareness and Life’s Abundant Energy? Can you stop thoughts altogether and experience the absolute bliss of Reality directly? These are all characteristics of living at the True Nature level.

This is a workshop for people searching for the legendary true meaning of Yoga – Union with Life. Discover how you can at last actualise this ancient practice and its true purpose in this modern day.

Meet people who are at this True Nature level, can access their Life Energy and can demonstrate genuine expressions of this Innate Energy at will e.g. Bliss, Happiness, Love.

This is a workshop designed to introduce you to the highly practical aspects of a much mysticised pursuit, and how it can immediately impact every area of your life and those around you.

Take a break from the mystical, and join me to discover how to make real what we are all actually looking for…

Meet Victoria who has studied and applied the mental aspects of yoga for over 16 years. Having worked in the corporate world as a successful Recruitment Specialist, and more recently as a Health and Fitness Instructor using a Global award-winning holistic model for wellness. She is very aware of what success is in any area of Life and looks forward to sharing her discoveries with you.

Come and see for yourself the impact increasing your level of consciousness has on your mental, physical, social and spiritual being. It is all about discovering and uniting with your Life inside and living from your true nature – the ultimate purpose of yoga!