Nutrition and Health Workshop

Nutrition workshop with Pixie

Nutrition and Health Workshop

with Pixie Turner

19th Jan 2019, 2-4pm £20

January is a time when we often make drastic changes to our diet in the name of health. But these well-meant resolutions tend not to last very long. Instead of a 30-day plan, this workshop will aim to help you think about your health more long-term. We will focus on identifying hunger and fullness, what a healthy diet looks like, and your emotional relationship with food. We’ll be looking inwards to help you listen and connect with your body, rather than relying on external signals to tell you what to eat.

Pixie is a nutritionist, food blogger, and science communicator with a Masters degree in nutrition. She has been featured as a nutrition expert on BBC and Channel 5. Her first book, ‘The Wellness Rebel’ was published early 2018, with her second book due March 2019. Read more about Pixie