Gong Bath Meditation

Gong Bath Meditation

Gong Bath Meditation

Leo Cosendai

Saturday 12th Jan, 2-4 pm, clapham, £20

Leo is making meditation and sound baths accessible and this has gained him recognition as a leading voice in the wellness movement. He has been helping thousands of people to transform their life through a combination of sound, yogic mindfulness and breath work.

A Gong bath meditation is a holistic and yogic practice. The Gong produces harmonic and dissonant tones which give the individual the opportunity to experience altered states of consciousness, where the mind is totally aligned with the body. This helps one to burn up emotional history and karmic blockages.

From a physical point of view, a gong “bath” is ideal for clearing nerve- endings. The gong also enables the brain to become efficient in producing Theta and Delta waves, which are produced by the brain during deep sleep and trance-like states.

Before hearing the gong, Leo will lead you through a deep body awareness relaxation. Leo’s meditations are held in a way that you are given the space to peacefully go inward and stay in total harmony with your body.