Body of Knowledge

Body of Knowledge workshop

Body of Knowledge – Yoga Philosophy & Asana merge as One.

with Hali Schwarz

ClaphamSunday 28th of April at 1:45pm – 4pm £25

The history of yoga is nothing less than absolutely fascinating. It is the story of human seeking… it is our story. In this three hour workshop we will peer into some of the deepest and most significant scriptures of yoga’s spiritual heritage, tracing its 5,000 year journey through time. We will have a chance to study some of the most important teachings found in the five major schools of yoga philosophy for the single purpose of seeing how they have relevance in our lives today. When we encounter the fifth and final school – hatha yoga, this will lead us into our āsana practice so that we can experience, through embodiment, the seamless merging of yoga philosophy with dynamic movement.

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About Hali
Hali has been immersed in the study and practice of all aspects the yoga tradition for more than 30 years. She received most of her training at the International Meditation Institute (I.M.I.) in the Himalayas where she spent several years studying all aspects of the yoga tradition. She has been training teachers worldwide since 2002, and has led yoga and pilgrimage retreats to places throughout India since 2003. She regularly teaches hatha, vinyasa, restorative, as well as meditation, pranayam and Sanskrit studies.

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