Acroyoga Workshop

Acro Yoga Workshop

Come Fly With Me – Acroyoga Fundamentals

with Chris & Rose

Sunday 27th January from 2pm – 4pm, £20
Through Acro yoga we learn to develop trust from the ground up, communication, strength, playfulness, creativity, mobility, and the awesome ability to lift each other up! We will teach games, drills and washing machines (flow positions) to enforce sensitivity, alignment, tension and balance. This workshop is suitable for beginners and intermediates as we can adapt techniques to the required level. 

If you've always wanted to give acro a try, here's your opportunity and if you don't know what acro yoga is, now is your chance to find out! 

About Chris

Chris started his yoga journey in 2007 to compliment his martial arts training. In 2013 he suffered a neck injury whilst training which forced him to stop competing and turn to his mat even more. In 2016 he was invited to an acro yoga event and has not looked back. This was when he met Rosie. Chris' attention to detail and exploration within acro yoga stems from his martial arts background and he also ensures that training is kept safe, guaranteed to be challenging and

About Rosie

Rosie has been addicted to Acroyoga and passionate about sharing the practice since discovering it a few years ago and subsequently completing the AYI teacher training in Thailand in January 2018. Rosie loves the community, connection and challenge of acroyoga and is teaching and jamming at festivals and in London & Hertfordshire.