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An honest story from one of our Kula Hot Yoga & Wellbeing Ambassadors about the endless healing benefits of Bikram yoga

If I haven’t bumped into you so far, my name is Annemiek and I’m Dutch.
Three and a half years ago I joined Kula Hot Yoga & Wellbeing in Clapham Junction after my third baby boy was born and I haven’t looked back since. Yoga has changed my life and saved my sanity on a daily basis. It has helped me through the hardest and most stressful times in my life.

annemiek and kids

We all have our challenges and it’s very easy to forget ourselves. Which is why this exercise is so important to me. The great benefit is that you become more flexible, and it’s very good for your knees and back. It also will help to shape your body and tone your abs but moreover the mental health and wellbeing benefits go beyond any other.

A bit over a year ago I lost my mum, my friend, my person to go to, the one I called everyday. It was horrible, but life as we all know, carries on. Looking after your family isn’t easy while you are heart broken. I was tired, had no energy and tried to keep “the show” running. So I went to yoga more than ever, I cried in the hot room and grieved my mum. It helped me in so many ways. Reflecting on myself, accepting what had happened, I shared and made amazing friends. Sometimes I still breakout in tears during class and that is ok.

If you haven’t tried the Bikram classes yet, please do. Don’t let the heat put you off. I generally don’t like saunas either or the sweat! We are not in that room because we love to bend backward though & sweat our guts out. It’s the feeling after class that makes us all want to go back in there. It’s truly incredible!

Kula is an amazing studio and I have been to lots of different yoga studios in the past 10 years. The people who work there are incredible & I am proud to be one of the regulars. There are some awesome people in the Kula community. Check it out for yourself and you will experience the amazing health and wellbeing benefits too. It is so much more than just a work out!

Annemiek x

If you are thinking about starting yoga classes then Kula has everything you need to feel confident in beginning your yogi journey. Our intro offer entitles you to unlimited yoga and movement classes including Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Nidra, Dynamic Body and I.Flo as well as a complimentary monthly Bikram workshop for beginners taught by our amazing Marylou!

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