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We’re so grateful for all the inspiring and loyal people that walked through our doors when they first opened 5 years ago and keep coming back for more! Check out our latest reviews and a video of our community sharing what Sadhana means to them!

Check out the latest video of our community speaking about what Sadhana means to them!

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Kula Hot Yoga & Wellbeing in Clapham Junction.
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 17 reviews
by May Ghaghda on Kula Hot Yoga & Wellbeing in Clapham Junction.
I recommend this studio, it’s a lovely place and I would be lost without it!

I started yoga at BYCJ in August 2015 and love the centre and the teachers and not to forget the lovely reception team! There is a lovely vibe in the studio and the sense of community, where we all support one another before hitting the hot room as well as when we get out.

There is laughter, joy and most of all, the positive encouragement from everyone – all levels, a non-competitive environment, the art of being present and acknowledging one another is also nice to see.

The practice is very addictive, especially with teachers who are so passionate and knowledgeable, it’s hard to go wrong and not go back as much as possible. I started the 30 day challenge this year, and it’s been an incredible journey, I just want to keep going back for more. There are poses that I still can’t do but I always give it a shot, no one judges or makes me feel bad. The teachers, help and correct me as much as possible… I get very excited when I can do a pose that I have found hard to get into, when I started I couldn’t do Camel, Fixed Firm or the Floor Bow, now I can.

I have found myself making loads of friends and met one particular friend, who I clicked with right away and we found out that we went the same school when were younger as well as the same University! What a small world.

by Marylou McDonnell on Kula Hot Yoga & Wellbeing in Clapham Junction.
If you want to experience Bikram at its very best, then this is the place to be.

This really is a wonderful studio. The Bikram room itself is spacious, bright and light with heat and humidity electronically controlled. The whole place, including the changing rooms, is super clean. There’s a chill out area with yoga reading materials and complimentary herbal tea and wifi. The staff and teachers are amazing and you’re welcomed warmly every time you visit.

by Nicole de Zoysa on Kula Hot Yoga & Wellbeing in Clapham Junction.
No back pain today!

I had a facet joint injury in my lower back, but woke up this morning after a bikram class without lower back pain for the first time in ages! I just wanted to let you know how helpful it was and say thank you to Sam for all the extra instruction re. core engagement.

by Leah Egan on Kula Hot Yoga & Wellbeing in Clapham Junction.
Thoroughly recommend

Everybody is wonderfully friendly, the entire studio is immaculate, and the yoga room is bright and spacious- definitely a cut above any of the other bikram studios i've visited! Thoroughly recommend.

by Phili Flanagan on Kula Hot Yoga & Wellbeing in Clapham Junction.
Bikram yoga is hard but makes you feel amazing!

I absolutely love this place. Compared to other bikram yoga studios it is better in so many ways: they have really good heat control so it doesn’t go above the prescribed temperature and humidity, some other studios get painfully hot! The changing rooms and showers are spacious, clean and modern. The teachers there are excellent but not punishing as I’ve experience with other studios and finally the staff are so lovely, there’s a real community feel there with lots of special events and themed classes ie. spooky Halloween. If you want to try Bikram yoga, this is the place to do it and you should definitely want to try Bikram yoga!!

by Lauren Halsey on Kula Hot Yoga & Wellbeing in Clapham Junction.
I love everything about this place

I love everything about this place. The teachers, receptionists, changing rooms, the yoga room. It’s all great. My yoga practice has come on leaps and bounds since joining BYCJ and I’ve made a load of friends on the way. A year ago I would have laughed if you’d have told me I’d be a self confessed ‘yogi’, choosing to spend 90mins sweating in a room full of half naked people, but it turns out that, not only do I chose to do it…I can’t stop myself doing it all the time! If you’re looking for a super friendly, clean studio with amazing teachers and students look no further. BYCJ is my happy place

by Annemiek Barents on Kula Hot Yoga & Wellbeing in Clapham Junction.
Inspiring, friendly teachers

I’m so glad this studio opened last year. It has inspiring, friendly teachers who really know how to motivate and push you. Its clean!!!
Its clean!!!
For me this is the perfect way to stay fit, health and sane (as a mum of 3 under 5). The ‘hot mums’ deal is really good value of money. Its always a pleasure walking in this studio. Everybody is always friendly and welcoming. They really do their best to make you part of there community.
What is not to love?

by Kieren Unwin on Kula Hot Yoga & Wellbeing in Clapham Junction.
Cracking location, fantastic staff!

Great atmosphere and funny seeing everyone bend into weird and wonderful positions. What more could you ask for?! I heard a rumor that if you manage a whole class without sweating, you get it for free…

by David Meer on Kula Hot Yoga & Wellbeing in Clapham Junction.
Its part of my day I really look forward to.

I have been going to the studio since september and haven’t looked back since. I am a triathlete and race at Ironman distance events. I am in training for Ironman Lanzarote and Ironman Nice and find Bikram a integral part of my training. The staff at BYCJ are amazing and the nicest bunch with a real community feel to it, including lunches on a friday after class at whole foods..i could not recommend BYCJ enough!! Its part of my day I really look forward to.

by Fernando Lopez Del Prado Garcia on Kula Hot Yoga & Wellbeing in Clapham Junction.
Extremely knowledgeable

8 reasons why BYCJ yoga teachers make BYCJ a truly space for inner joy and why everyone should try to practice with them. • They are extremely knowledgeable.
1. They sure know what they are talking about. As a matter of fact, they only shut up twice during the whole 90 minutes.
2. They take good care of beginners.
3. They welcome you and welcome you back to the studio every day.
4. They thank you for letting them teach you and guide you.
5. They encourage you to keep pushing/pulling/stretching and also smiling.
6. They really make an effort to remember you name.
7. They do not mind correcting your posture even though you are all sweaty.
8. They contribute to create such a great atmosphere that they make us love to put ourselves in a hot room for 90 minutes.

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