Gemma Hooker

Like to teach: Yin, Meditation, Gong Bath, Rocket, Post Natal

Known for: Gemma’s classes consist of beautiful paradoxes; flowing but considered, uplifting but grounding, sweaty but relaxing, and engaging but accessible. Bespoke playlists set the tone for each class, giving a platform for intentions to be cultivated and seeds of yogic philosophy to be planted.

Makes you leave feeling: like you are floating on clouds, having achieved a little bit of stillness in a world that is constantly moving…

What our students say: “Thank you for the lovely lessons online. It is a delight to have you in my home live and on demand. A much-needed health line for keeping well in body and mind at this crazy time. I loved your classes in the studio and it’s great that technology can afford us this continuity and connectivity.”

“I’m new to yoga and wasn’t really sure what the practice was about, but after taking your class I am absolutely obsessed! I loved the balance of freedom, creativity and challenge – plus the soundtrack was amazing. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to come back”

Whether it’s a slow flow, restorative yin, fiery rocket or deep sound session, Gemma is known for teaching classes that feel good for the soul. Her classes consist of beautiful paradoxes; flowing but considered, uplifting but grounding, challenging but relaxing and engaging but accessible.

Gemma made the journey to India in 2017 to complete her initial 200hr ‘ashtanga, vinyasa and rocket’ training with the yoga people. Since then, her teaching has become focused on empowering people through movement. Gemma sees yoga as an antidote to the ‘perfection’ so many of us strive for in modern life, and instead uses the practice as a continuous process of unlearning, helping us  let go of anxieties, fears or stresses we have picked up along the way. She has developed a strong love for yin and sound healing through further teacher training, and it is Gemma’s hope that you will leave her class floating, having achieved a little bit of stillness and connection in a world that is constantly moving.


Ashtanga Vinyasa & Rocket 200hrs – The Yoga People 2017

Dynamic Body 40hrs – Sadhana Yoga & Wellbeing 2018

Creative Yoga Sequencing: Deeper Dimensions – Yoga Campus 2018

Yin & The Elements 50hrs – The Yoga People 2019

The Pre & Post Natal Body in Movement – Stretch 2019

Gong Practitioner Level 1&2 – Mark Swan 2019