Sharmin Begum - Therapist at Sadhana Yoga & Wellbeing London

Sharmin Begum

 Acupuncture (Japanese/TCM), Reiki (Angelic/Usui)+Angel Card reading, Facial Acupuncture & Massage

I have been within the medical field since 2007, mainly based within the NHS. Immersing myself into Traditional Chinese Medicine from 2008, has been like the missing jigsaw piece.

My Acupuncture style is fusion of Japanese and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), with intuitive element. I use sound healing with use of tuning forks/singing bowl, if needed in Acupuncture and Reiki sessions.

If needle phobic or sensitive people I will use Japanese Acupuncture called ‘Toyohari’ (non-needle meridian therapy), a very gentle powerful effective technique. So there are loads of different tools and methods;(Magnets,  Cupping, Jade Rollar in facial acupuncture, GuaSha is scraping technique, Moxibustion is heat therapy, TuiNa is Chinese massage with acupressure etc) that are utilised in Acupuncture including Chinese medicine dietary recommendations, even Chinese herbs what is most appropriately suited for you.

The beauty of being a therapist of Reiki and particularly as Acupuncturist is to be able to provide; a unique individualised treatment to bring balance & optimise your body condition on all levels (Mind, Body & Soul).

I have built a wealth of experience in wide range of areas with Acupuncture; Musculoskeletal (Backache/Neck) problems, Pain relief, Stress/Anxiety, Digestive issues, Hayfever, Dermatology (Skin conditions), Headaches and many more.

I have expertise in supporting women through; fertility and pregnancy, menstrual issues, menopause, all the phases of life.

Treatment offered is not just for time of illness, it is nourishing gift to yourself. Acupuncture or Reiki can be that supportive boost needed to deal with your everyday life; Career, Relationships, transitional changes, even challenges like bereavements.



Tuesday: 12:00 – 17:00


  • 60 mins: £75
  • 90 mins: £120
*Save 10% for pre-paid package of 6 treatments

Every treatment includes an additional 15 minutes for your consultation & self-care plan. 

For bookings, please see therapist contact details below.