Sezen Ozay - therapist at Sadhana yoga & wellbeing

Sezen Ozay

Access Bars, Access Body Process & Access Energetic Facelift

Sezen Ozay has been working professionally with energy healing modalities for 8 years. She started with Reiki attunements when she was 13. Getting her first attunements at a young age taught her to live her life with spiritual perspective in a left brainer world. At the same time she studied engineering in university.

After she graduated, she decided to follow her calling and started to learn new modalities and teachings. With years of experience, she combined analytic thinking and spirituality in her sessions.

She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Access Consciousness and Innerspeak Facilitator, Tarot trainer and karmic astrologer. She is also a Cosmic Energy and Family Constellation therapist. Recently, she attended Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Introductory Coaching at the University of Oxford.

She offers Access Bars, Access Body Process and Access Energetic Facelift sessions at Sadhana Yoga.


Thursday 15:00-20:00


30 mins: access bars £45
60 mins: access bars £80
access body process £100
90 mins: access bars £100
access body process £100
access energetic facelift £100

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