Nicolette Bell Therapist

Nicolette Bell

Nutrition & Lifestyle coach

Qualified Life Coach. Completed Personal Performance Coach Training Program with Distinction at The Coaching Academy. TCA is the world’s largest organisation for coaches based in United Kingdom.

Finished a diploma in Nutrition at the Institute of Health Sciences. IHS is approved by OFQAL United Kingdom Level 4.

Member of UK Health Coaches Association.

How can I help you?
As a Nutrition & Lifestyle coach, I will offer the following:

-Practical guidance and support with dietary analysis using a Nutrition software to provide specific nutrient breakdowns which is also useful for athletes or weight loss clients.

-Help with meal planning providing food swaps, balance food groups, add variety and flavour and give cooking recommendations to make sure you are getting optimum nutrition.

-Goal setting and creating a SMART actionable plan. Some frequently used goals by clients are weight management, stress management, sleep regulation, improve energy levels, improve Nutrition intake for optimum wellness, improve family nutrition.

-Overcoming obstacles and limiting beliefs.

-Help create healthy habits to live a well-balanced life by using some coaching tools to know your values and your “WHY”, understanding the three phases of building a habit, using a system, and cultivate discipline with accountability to make the healthy habit stick.

I am here to support you make healthier diet and lifestyle choices with the aim of preventing or reducing the negative health effects of our modern lifestyle and help increase longevity. With the support, education and resources provided, you are capable of achieving optimum wellness.


Friday: 9am-2pm


£250: Healthy Me Jumpstart Program (30-Day Transformation)

Whats included?:

  • 4 weekly coaching sessions – teaching about fundamentals of nutrition
  • Weekly dietary analysis – to know which nutrients you are missing in your diet and suggest food sources to get optimum nutrition
  • Free access to a Nutrition app to monitor cholesterol, sugar, sodium and saturated fat intake
  • Help with meal planning and recipes
  • Guidance in creating small healthy habits weekly that may lead to massive results
  • Plenty of fact sheets about nutrition & lifestyle that will leave you feeling more inspired

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