Emma Entero - therapist at Sadhana Wellbeing

Emma Entero

Emma Entero is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Bikram Yoga Teacher.

After “accidentally” running into Yogic Massage and, immediately, experiencing the power of this technique in herself, she felt this was the best way she could help people feel better and achieve balance in their life, so she became a certified therapist and specialised in emotional treatments.

Yogic Massage is a powerful healing tool derived from ancient Yogic massage techniques. Starting from the triple nature of the human being as body, mind and energy, this unique technique works parallel on the three of them treating the cause of the emotional and physical discomfort.

It’s uniqueness and powerful reach are based on a combination of massage, acupressure, friction, percussion, and cranial adjustments, giving rise to a wide
range of different treatments, with different aims and benefits.

Treatment of depression, anxiety, stress, fears and traumas and the physical discomfort that they produce, leading to emotional, mental, and physical balance.


Sunday 9am to 14pm


60 mins (Massage): £70
90 mins (Massage): £100
120 min (Massage + Cranial adjustment + Acupressure Meditation): £120

Free 15 minute consultation