Eliza Loannou

Like to teach: Vinyasa, Ying & Yang, Yin

Known for: Eliza is known for her nurturing approach that allows you to discover the practice and grow at your own pace.

Makes you leave feeling: Able to tackle anything and ready to take on the world!

What our students say: “I’m so grateful for this space- initially I joined with one of the Sadhana deals, but I want to stay forever. I’m particularly grateful to Eliza Ioannou who made me feel cared for, even in a full class, her smaller Vinyassa Foundations class taught me so much that I didn’t know, now I get even more out of my practice. This is my happy place, I can’t believe I went so long without it.”

Eliza discovered yoga at a young age when growing up in South Africa and has used the practice ever since to help her deal with whatever life throws her way. She believes that you are your best teacher, and she is merely here to guide you in your practice and hopefully help you to grow through your yoga journey. Eliza’s classes leave you feeling confident, calm and in tune with yourself.

50 hours Yin RYS
200 hours Vinyasa RYS