Yoga Nidra Foundations Retreat & Training 20 hrs

This training is recommended for anyone who wants to confidently teach yoga Nidra, deepen their knowledge and understanding of yoga Nidra, or simply dive deeper into their self practice.

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Yoga Nidra


19th -21st May 2023

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This training is recommended for anyone who wants to confidently teach yoga Nidra, deepen their knowledge and understanding of yoga Nidra, or simply dive deeper into their self practice.

The space will be an encouraging, retreat-like environment where you will be supported with whatever comes up in your practice and teaching.

During this course you will develop a daily practice of yoga Nidra and discover a variety of schools of Nidra from the classical to the modern.

Who is this training for?

This training is for yoga teachers looking to add yoga Nidra to their offerings, as well as meditation teachers, wellbeing professional and students of yoga Nidra.

Course Content

What to expect?

This training takes a non-dogmatic approach to yoga Nidra and will cover all the important aspects of Nidra such as:

  • Explanation of what the state of yoga Nidra is and how to best inspire practitioners to achieve this stage between waking and dreaming.
  • The definition of yoga Nidra, its roots in history, philosophy, and science.
  • Themes like self-care, ethics, and appropriate use of language will be discussed.
  • A variety of scripts and approaches to cover different students and situations.
  • Ongoing feedback and support until you feel ready to teach Nidra effectively respecting your authenticity and inner teacher.
  • Overview of different Yoga Nidra schools, types and traditions.
  • The science of Yoga Nidra and basic brain anatomy and states of consciousness.
  • Yoga Nidra in relation to sleep, memory and dreams.
  • The benefits of Nidra on the body, mind and emotions.
  • Importance of voice modulation.
  • Voice training exercises.
  • Script development and templates.
  • How to record and publish on reputable sites and what equipment is needed.
  • Teaching Yoga Nidra to groups and individuals.

What do you need to certify?

  • 100% training attendance
  • Read the recommended books
  • Successful completion of the written course assessment
  • Successful completion of teaching live group class


Full price: £350

Deposit required to secure place: £150

Early Bird discount: 10% (if deposit is paid by March 31st 2023)

Training Location: Unit 5, The old Laundry Haydon Way, SW11 1YF.

Training Dates: 19-21 May 2022 10am – 6pm

Eliza Ioannou - Sadhana Wellbeing Yoga Teacher

Training lead: Eliza Ioannou (she/her)

Eliza discovered yoga at a young age when growing up in South Africa, and has explored elements of this ancient tradition ever since.  As a young adolescent, struggling with bullying and lack of self-esteem, yoga made her feel confidant and connected to herself.

As time passed yoga was a consistent part of her life, even in times when the physical practice (Asana) wasn’t present, the tools she had learned helped her to navigate through life.

After years in the fast-paced fashion industry, Eliza made the decision to do her Vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2017 and has not looked back since. She has a unique approach to deep relaxation techniques that has created a following of students who seek out reprieve from their modern, stressful lives.

She teaches Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga and sound healing, and is also a Reiki healer.  She is known for her nurturing approach that allows you to discover the practice and grow at your own pace.  She is passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone and is also Accessible Yoga trained.

She believes in allowing students to be guided by their inner knowing and approaches every opportunity to teach as an opportunity to hold space for this discovery.

Eliza has been delivering teacher trainings since 2020 alongside her mentor Beth Crivelli and has had some excellent feedback through the years both from teachers and students. She approaches teaching from many angles, as she understands that we all learn in different ways.  You can expect to learn through many mediums such as experiential, visual, practical, and theoretical.

Eliza also has a vast experience in teaching private classes to people with specific issues/injuries/conditions and therefore has a deeper understanding of how to adapt practices as needed.