Yin Yoga Teacher Training (45hrs)

Starts 15th June 2022

This Yoga Alliance certified programme will equip you with all the tools needed to share the joy of yin yoga with others whilst deepening your connection to yourself. (Please note that this training is only for existing yoga teachers with a yoga teacher training of 200hrs minimum).

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15th, 16th, 17th, 18th & 19th June 2022

How to register

Please send an email to Beth@sadhana-wellbeing.com registering your interest. We will then send you a registration form.

Should your preliminary application will be successful, we will invite you for an informal interview to finalize the application. Details on payment and course materials will be given to you upon acceptance.

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Yin Yoga is a slow paced and passive style of yoga practice where most postures are practiced on the floor in a static way for an extended period of time. When combined with internal awareness and introspection, the practice of yin can also become a highly meditative tool to cultivate inner stillness.

This Yin program is a top up and only available to existing yoga teachers (any style of yoga) with 200hrs or more of training. This training will enable you to teach yin and is led by experienced, senior teachers and a guest instructor covering many yin topics. Every aspect of our training is inspired by Sadhana’s core values of Community, Integrity, Consistency, Be Outstanding, Act with Love and Compassion and Have Fun!! We want to equip you with the tools to share the joy of Yin yoga with others and to deepen your connection to yourself.

In this training you will learn

  • The essential elements of Yin yoga and develop a deeper understanding of Yin yoga
  • Approximately 20 Yin postures, how to offer different prop options and how to offer modifications for different bodies and conditions
  • How to practice and teach Yin yoga and how to cue Yin postures in a safe and clear way
  • A few sample sequences and how to structure a yin class
  • How to cue breath and mindfulness into a yin yoga class
  • Teaching methodology of Yin Yoga
  • Examples of how to theme a yin class
  • Detailed Anatomy, tied specifically to yin yoga
  • Beneficial effects of Yin yoga on the body and mind as well as energetic benefits
  • Daily Yin yoga practice
  • Daily teaching practice

Manual: Will be supplied on the first day of training.

Books to be purchased: “The complete guide to yin yoga, philosophy & practice” Revised edition September 2019 – by Bernie Clark.

15th, 16th, 17th, 18th & 19th June 2022

Time: All days 9am-7pm


£750 payable in installments to be completed by first day of training.

DEPOSIT Required to secure space: £250

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: £150 if the total (£600) is paid by 30th April 2022

SUPER EARLY BIRD AND SPECIAL OFFER: £200 discount if the total (£550) is paid by 30th March 2022, and you will be able to teach a one off feedback class on the Sadhana Clapham Junction studio schedule. The class will be attended by one of the facilitators who will give you feedback. This will be an opportunity to join our Yin teachers based on the feedback you receive after class.

Location: TBC but will be very local to Sadhana Clapham Junction

Program Lead: Beth Crivelli

In 2011, disenchanted by my fashion career, I decided to swap luxury rags for sweaty shorts to become a Bikram yoga teacher. I have been fully committed to teaching yoga full time since then. Throughout my years of teaching and practicing different styles of yoga, I realised the magnitude of what yoga truly is – a physical, spiritual and ethical practice.

I have since trained in Jivamukti Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Prenatal yoga and taken a number of anatomy courses. As well as teaching yoga to the general public, I specialise in teaching bespoke private yoga sequences.

I am currently training in yoga therapy with Yogacampus. Throughout my years of teaching, I have come to realise the extent to which we all have different bodies and life experiences, making each individual unique. Yoga, in all its aspects, is a path to balance therefore I incorporate different asana sequences into my classes and include Sanskrit chanting, meditation, Nidra and breathing exercises.

Yoga continuously challenges you, changes and shapes you in ways you will not believe. The practice of yoga is a harmonising self-study, which helps to align one with inner and outer peace, as well as the earth and all its inhabitants.

Co-lead: Nina Rashid

Nina is known for making yoga accessible to everyone and teaching from her heart and soul. Join Nina on the mat, be prepared to laugh, work hard, get some deep nourishing relaxation and open your heart. She will leave you feeling grounded with an open heart.

Eliza Ioannou - Sadhana Wellbeing Yoga Teacher

Eliza has been teaching yoga since 2017 and specialises in stress management and deep relaxation practices. She discovered yoga at a young age when growing up in South Africa, and has used the practice ever since to help her deal with whatever life throws her way. She teaches Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga and Crystal Sound Bowls. She is known for her nurturing approach that allows you to discover the practice and grow at your own pace. She is passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone and is also Accessible Yoga trained.