Body Wheel Therapy® Teacher Training

The Body Wheel Therapy® class is designed to increase the flexibility of the spine and the strength of the surrounding muscles.   It creates great openness in the shoulders, chest, hips, back and neck, which are the most common areas of chronic tightness and discomfort.   It also helps to strengthen your core, therefore improving your posture and the health of your spine. This is achieved through a series of dynamic and isometric yoga inspired movements with the aid of the wheel.

This teacher training is open to everyone, not only yoga teachers.

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Body Wheel Therapy


22nd – 25th June 2023

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They say healthy spine, healthy life” for good reasons: the spine supports our entire body structure and allows for a good flow of the force of gravity and vital energy. The Body Wheel Therapy® class is designed to increase the flexibility of the spine and the strength of the surrounding muscles. It creates great openness in the shoulders, chest, hips, back and neck, which are the most common areas of chronic tightness and discomfort. It also helps to strengthen your core therefore improving your posture and the health of your spine.

This is achieved through a series of dynamic and isometric yoga inspired movements with the aid of the wheel. Some yin inspired postures are held for longer periods of time (2-5 minutes), allowing for greater openness through a deep yet safe stretch of your connective tissue (fascia, joints, ligaments). These are alternated with more dynamic postures, performed using the wheel as an aid or prop, helping to strengthen the muscles and increase your heart rate for great cardiovascular benefits.

The Body Wheel Therapy® classes are all ended with a breathing exercise and a guided meditation during Savasana: this combination will generate a great release of toxins and stress from the body, allowing students to completely relax and absorb all the benefits of their practice.

Upon the completion of the 45-hour Body Wheel Therapy® Training course you will be able to lead 3 different yoga wheel sequences as instructed.

Objective 1: learn basic anatomy of all yoga wheel postures included in all the 3 sequences provided.

Objective 2: learn key benefits of all postures.

Objective 3: learn how to instruct students to perform postures safely, including modifications for those with special requirements or injuries.

Objective 4: learn 3 relaxation techniques / guided meditations to be taught during the final Savasana.

Objective 5: learn 3 breathing exercises to be taught during the final Savasana.


  1. Back Opening Sequence
  2. Core Toning and Strengthening Sequence
  3. Hip and Hamstrings Opening Sequence


  1. Deep Belly Breathing
  2. Deep Chest Breathing
  3. Full Body Breathing


Body Wheel Therapy® training manual (included in the price)

Body Wheel Therapy® Digital Course (provided to you as part of your homework)

Anatomy Handout


  • Anatomy of Movement by B. Calais-Germain
  • Four Chapters on Freedom, Commentary on the Yoga Sutras by S.S. Saraswati
  • The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by B. Clark
  • How to Meditate by P. Chodron


  1. Wheel (33-13cm, included at extra cost)
  2. Yoga Mat
  3. Two yoga blocks
  4. Writing material (note pads, pens, pencils, highlighters)

Training Location: Unit 5, The old Laundry  Haydon Way, SW11 1YF.

Training Dates:

22nd-25th June 2023 9am-7pm

Training cost:

Full price: £750

Deposit required to secure place: £250

 Early Bird discount: 10% (if deposit is paid by January 15th 2023)

Eugene Sabala - Yoga teacher

Eugene Sabala is a Yoga Teacher, Fitness Trainer, Massage Therapist and Physical Therapy Aide with over 20 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry. He has helped hundreds of people across three continents improve their wellbeing and physical fitness and achieve profound, long-lasting results beyond their greatest expectations.

His passion for understanding the human anatomy started at a very young age when he was taunted by his school friends for being too skinny; at only 13 years of age, he started training at home with his dads dumbbells, so that he could get big and strong and prove them all wrong. He has never stopped since.

After training clients part time for many years, he went on to found a very successful fitness training business in Texas, USA, working with over 500 clients over the years. His expertise has since expanded into yoga, physical therapy, and therapeutic massage: he is a passionate advocate of a holistic approach to wellbeing.


The Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Hindu scripture, describes Yoga in a number of ways. One of them is as following: Yoga is a heightened sensitivity and awareness of all life around us and within us, and an outpour of love in reciprocation with lifes wonder and beauty.”

Hatha Yoga, in particular, is the branch of yoga which concentrates on physical health and mental well-being. It uses bodily postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana) with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body, and a clear, peaceful mind.

Eugenes yoga journey started in Dallas in 2006, when a friend introduced him to the practice of Bikram yoga. He immediately recognized the huge impact the practice could have on improving his overall wellbeing: he became a regular student and even started competing in the Annual Yoga Asana Competitions in 2007. He was silver medalist in the 2009 Texas Regional and placed in the top 10 at the 2010 National Yoga Asana Competition. He was bronze medalist in the 2013 Texas Regional.

In 2010 He embarked on the intense Teacher Training Program and graduated as a qualified Bikram yoga teacher; since then, hes been teaching the Bikram beginners series across many studios around the world, as well as attending several advanced seminars and regularly leading advanced classes.

He treasures the opportunity to share his love of yoga with the students and see their lives change for the better through a regular practice.


From a very young age, Eugene took a keen interest in fitness and the body, developing a wealth of knowledge and overcoming many personal struggles and limitations, through self-training.

He went on to further his knowledge academically and holds several qualifications including a Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition from Penn Foster University, a Personal Trainer qualification from the IFA and a Fitness Trainer qualification from the US National Council of Strength and Fitness. He is also qualified as a Physical Therapy Aide from Penn Foster University.

Since starting his own company in 2007, he has trained over 500 clients of different age, gender and walks of life, helping them overcome many limitations such as: overweight, inflexibility, lack of strength, limited range of motion, fatigue, low self-esteem, fear of failure, to name but a few.

He believes that our greatest investment should be towards our health and fitness as our body is the most valued vehicle we will ever have in this life. Every day he continues developing his knowledge and understanding of the body and health, helping his clients with passion and dedication.


Meditation is a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is totally different from the normal waking state. It is the means for fathoming all the levels of ourselves and finally experiencing the center of consciousness within; it is a science, which means that the process of meditation follows a particular order, has definite principles, and produces results that can be verified.

In meditation, the mind is clear, relaxed, and inwardly focused.

Eugenes interest in meditation was a direct result of the deepening of his yoga practice: He has been attending annual Vipassana retreats (an ancient technique first taught by the Buddha himself) since 2009, also volunteering on site as a senior meditator. He is a member of the Ananda Centre for Yoga and Meditation.

He now strongly believes that by mastery of the mind, anything can be achieved; that is why he passionately advocates it and teaches it to his clients, as an additional and fundamental mean to achieve holistic health.


Therapeutic massage involves the manipulation of soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm and stress, and to promote health and wellness.

Eugene acquired is Diploma in Therapeutic massage from the London School of Massage; his 10 plus years of experience in the field of health and wellness and his holistic approach to health are what make his sessions so effective.

The techniques used are individually tailored to each client and their specific conditions and requirements; they range from gentle, relaxing massage to pressure point therapy to sports massage.

Eugene is a passionate advocate of the mind body connection and recognizes the powerful role of the energy fields in the body and the huge part they play in ones wellbeing; his sessions do not only tackle the gross physical symptoms but also address more subtle imbalances to bring deep, long lasting relief and holistic health.


Eugenes journey with the yoga wheel begun during his years of competing in the yoga asana championship. He was looking for a quicker way of deepening his backward bend and opening the hips in a healthy and sustainable way.

As soon as he purchased his first yoga wheel, he fell in love. The yoga wheel opened up his spine much faster than any exercise hed tried before and was not as exhausting as other approaches such as wall crawls and drop backs.

He then started incorporating the yoga wheel into his routines and training session and saw immediate therapeutic benefits and progress in his practice. When he and his wife sold all their possessions to travel the world for a year, the yoga wheel never left their sides.

They travelled to places such as Fiji, Australia, Philippines, Italy, London, and Dubai: everywhere they went, yoga students were taken aback by the amazing benefits of the wheel and became interested in learning how to incorporate it in their routines. Thats when he started teaching private yoga wheel sessions.

After their travels, Eugene and Serena settled in London: that is where a massive shift took place. Leveraging his background in physiotherapy, Yoga, Massage therapy and fitness training, Eugene decided to put together yoga wheel sequences to address some of the most common issues his clients complained about: tight hips and neck, shoulders, and back pain. Thats how the Body Wheel Therapy® classes were born: he started teaching them around studios in London and soon enough all classes were getting over-subscribed.

Everyone who has attended a Body Wheel Therapy® class more than once, has raved about the increase in flexibility, especially in areas that are generally hard to stretch deeply; the body becomes more open, flexible and feels lighter from the release of deeply rooted blockages.