Practice makes Perfect

I have been practicing 4/5 classes a week for nearly 5 years now and I have been through ups and downs with my practice; however I have been looking at myself and I have realised that I tend to miss certain postures due to the difficulty or just the nature of them.

Missing out postures in Yoga can happen; you maybe really tired, you may not be in the mood or just not in the right frame of mind to be in class but are there as you know how beneficial the practice is for you.

Attempting the posture that you fear is the most important thing you can do for yourself, whether it is 1% or 10% of the full pose, it really doesn’t matter because your full capacity is your full capacity and by attempting the posture slowly but surely you will eventually get into the complete pose.

During class I see many people sit out postures, the most infamous are Triangle and Fixed Firm due to the inability to go into the full posture. With Fixed Firm I completely understand that the pain maybe too much or you don’t feel as comfortable as you do in other poses, but if you attempt at least a part of the posture, over time with regular attendance you will eventually be able to get into it fully.

I personally have been tackling fixed firm for around 4 years now and this is due to a serious knee problem however I always attempted the posture and I have progressed a lot – from absolute agony and minimal range of motion to hardly any pain and an increased range, this is purely because I attempted the posture. If I can do it so can you and before you know it your bum will be on the floor and you will fixed in. That goes for all of the poses – regardless which one it is you just have to try and attempt it and eventually you will be doing the full pose. Like everything in the world you have to start from somewhere but if you don’t start from somewhere you will certainly not end anywhere.

As a fellow student I just wanted to write about challenges that many practitioners face, and having an off day is human but just be true to yourself and give it a 100% as often as you can and the benefits of your yoga practice will start to show in your life outside the yoga studio.