Teacher – Sharky Komurkova

Sharky Komurkova - Bikram Hot Yoga & Yin Teachers

Goes by the name of: Sharky Komurkova (Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher)

Likes to teach: Bikram Hot Yoga & Yin

Known for: Being the champion of hot yoga challenges – having completed the 30, 60 and 100-day challenge, as well as doing 6 classes in one day across 6 different studios! With a determination like no other, Sharky has used hot yoga to become calmer, more focused and stronger, and she enjoys helping other people feel the benefits of the practise in their own lives too

Makes you leave feeling: Calm, happy, uplifted and motivated

What our students say: Sharka is officially my favourite yin teacher. Shes amazing. The poses we did were great, her words were lovable related and relevant and her anatomy knowledge is incredible. I’ll be back v soon!