Teacher – Michelle Varchione

Michelle Varchione - Vinyasa & Bikram Hot Yoga teacher

Goes by the name of: Michelle Varchione

Likes to teach: Vinyasa, Bikram Hot Yoga & Sculpt

Known for: Helping you reach your true potential! As a qualitifed gym, spin and aerobics instructor, she’d tried many forms of execise, but none had the same lasting effect on her mind and body. Michelle believes in the power of yoga as a true healer, and is happiest when sharing her love for the practise with a room full of smiling faces.

Makes you leave feeling: Re-energised with Michelle’s bolt of energy!

What our students say: Michelle is an amazing instructor! So friendly and encouraging. She will really help you get the most out of every practise without feeling intimidated. It’s a tough but rewarding class.