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sam-mWhat was the reason you started doing Bikram Yoga? I had already been practicing different styles of yoga for a few years and then a Bikram yoga studio opened up near where I worked. I went to try it out with a colleague and instantly loved the system due to the the tremendous therapeutic benefits and detoxing.

How long have you been teaching for and how has your life changed since becoming a Bikram yoga teacher? I have been teaching for almost 13 years. My life as a teacher is very flexible in that we do not work regular hours.We tend to work when most people do not as in evenings and weekends. Also our students can be so varied and that makes each every class different and interesting.

What did you do before you started teaching Bikram? I had been a fashion stylist and agent for stylists and fashion photographers.

What is it about the teaching that you love? It is a very rewarding job as you see immediate and long term changes in students and how they begin to understand their full potential. Students become truly grateful when their health and well-being improves significantly and that creates a positive return on what we give to them. I also enjoy working with a diverse group of people on a regular basis, who come from different backgrounds, with different outlooks and this keeps the job very interesting.

What is your Favourite Posture? I love them all because they each challenge or stimulate me in different ways. Over the years I have had a love affair with Standing Bow or Triangle but then that changes as you need to develop another pose or area of the body. That’s the beauty of yoga in that there is always something to work on and new experiences. Its never boring!

What are your interests outside the Yoga World? I like to garden, socialise, travel and really embrace new experiences.

What makes BYCJ a special place to practice? The people who give it a lovely vibe; the staff and the students. Also the space itself is relaxed and the studio has a great heating system which makes practicing at BYCJ a treat. When I began practicing many years ago we only had plug in heaters that would blast hot air in one direction, so if you were in the line of fire it could be really intense. Now the heating is highly regulated with humidity and oxygen which makes it a much more pleasant experience and you can focus fully on your breathing and postures.

In three words how would you describe the teaching experience of a Bikram class? Inspirational, motivational and rewarding.

Sam Magee Crow Pose

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