Meet the Staff: Marylou McDonnell

I’m so grateful for the warm welcome I received at BYCJ when I returned to London recently from Teacher Training in Thailand. I worked hard to represent us all well and I had an incredible time. We were 333 students from 38 countries. The resort we were staying in was beautiful and on the beach, so we were a particularly lucky group of trainees. It was extremely humid and hot which was a challenge but, as you all know, our ability to challenge ourselves is key to the practice of Bikram Yoga so we took it on the chin :).

Having classes, lectures and posture clinics with Bikram himself was such a privilege and they were just sensational. Similarly, it was wonderful to have classes and lectures from Bikram’s wife, Rajashree and a number of senior visiting teachers (including our own Juan) as well as lecturers from around the world, all leaders in their respective fields.

I feel so lucky to have had this unique opportunity. If any of you are considering going to TT in the future or, indeed, are just curious about TT and would like to ask me about it, please feel free. I’ll be very happy to chat to you.

One of the most important lessons that I learned on TT is that while I have now qualified as a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher – and love teaching with every bead of sweat I produce! – I am first, foremost and always a Bikram Yoga Student. Our shared passion for this wonderful life-long discipline is a very special bond. As we struggle in the hot room to continuously improve our practice, we improve our lives and, by association, the lives of those around us. Now that is a gift worth celebrating and sharing in the run-up to Christmas…(or at any time of year really).

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