Meet the Staff – Letitia Simone Wilkinson

This month we have a Meet the Staff entry with Letitia, who has been with the studio since it opened in the summer of 2013. Enjoy this great read!
Why and when did you start working at BYCJ? I have been with BYCJ since we first opened, I was a dance student at the time and was already practising Bikram Yoga, therefore, BYCJ was the perfect place to work alongside my dance training and luckily I have wonderful friends to work with too!

Is this your full time role or do you do something else outside the studio? I am also a freelance dancer, I mainly perform as a contemporary dancer but have recently worked in immersive theatre and also teach dance and body conditioning classes, these classes are inspired by the exercises used by dancers.
So you are a dancer, do you use the Yoga yourself to improve that part of your life?
Yoga has definitely complimented my dance training and career so far and I integrate the postures into my warm-up before dance class or performances.

I understand you have been at BYCJ since the start, what types of changes have you seen in and around the studio since you opened in June 2013? We always keep Bikram Yoga as the core, but it has been lovely to see how the nutrition, meditation and bodywork aspects have been developing.

I always see you at the Yoga studio when I go in to practise; you are always happy and cheerful like everyone that works at BYCJ – what is it about BYCJ that makes it a happy environment to be in?

The thing that is very important at BYCJ is the atmosphere, we work with lovely people and are like a little family and I think that reflects in how we interact with our students.
How would you best describe the studio in three words?