Meet the Staff: Stephanie Hollis

image of Steph Hollis
Steph Hollis – Bikram Yoga teacher
“Never underestimate your own body’s healing power….this Yoga is a medicinal practise that will give your body the tools to heal and change for the better”.

That was the first of many lessons that I have learnt from my first Bikram Yoga teacher and now mentor back in Sydney 6 years ago.

I was a Ballet dancer when I first discovered Bikram Yoga (thanks to my mother!), and was immediately hooked…..the intensity and discipline that Bikram yoga demands was very familliar to the Classical Ballet training I was going through. At the time I thought I was healthy and strong, but very quickly I realised how much damage I was doing to my body and mind as a Ballerina ( Yoga tends to go give you tremendous awareness and insight into your bodies true needs and wants).

Shortly after I started Bikram Yoga I was diagnosed with PCOS, and was told I had to be on medication for the rest of my life.I decided to leave the Ballet world as it was jeopardising to my body and overall well being. I started practising Yoga almost everyday….hoping that my body would start to heal and restore, just like my teacher had said. After 6 years of regular practise and a Teacher Training in-between, I have not needed my medication for 3 years!!! It works!!

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