Larisa and Andrei – Yoga Together

Yoga Together

We are a couple in mid-thirties

We started practicing hot yoga in April 2016. Our New Year resolution for 2016 was to focus on our health, eat healthier, be active, lose weight and make important changes in our lifestyle. With that in mind we decided to buy the intro offer at Kula and see whether yoga is for us.

Our first class was a real shock and had no idea what to expect from hot yoga, only what we read on internet, but after surviving the class we knew that would be going back to class. Practicing together has its advantages as we motivate each other when one of us is having a bad day, feels tired or wants to sleep more, especially during morning classes.

We love hot yoga even though it is a challenging practice. We like that there no competition between practitioners as everybody is different and you start seeing changes in your body if you practice regularly. Yoga requires patience, time to understand and follow all the small steps in order to build good postures and see benefits.
We regularly practice Iris’s classes as she pushes people to achieve their best during each class. She says: “Try the position, don’t be afraid. You can! Yes, you can! YES, YOU CAN!”  This type of teaching gives you strength and motivates you to push your body to the limit. However, we are very thankful to all teachers and stuff who make Kula such a peaceful and lovely place. Yoga brought lots of changes in our life as we are now eating healthier, an increase in raw vegan food and it has also inspired us to read more about nutrition and healthy food choices.

During this period with regular practice and eating healthier we managed to lose between 13-15 kg each and now we feel more confident in our own bodies. We can now say we love ourselves and it also helped us be calmer, happier and more positive about our lives.

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