International Women’s Day at Sadhana

International Women’s Day at Sadhana

Today is International Women’s Day 2019! A day of hope, positivity and empowerment as women all around the world are celebrated. We took the opportunity to acknowledge and share the stories of women in our community that are inspiring and changing lives everyday.

Meet Lilei

I teach vinyasa yoga and I love helping students deepen their yoga journey on and off the mat. I am passionate about fighting for the most vulnerable in society. When I’m not doing yoga, I am the senior policy and influencing advisor for ADD International, an organisation that fights for the rights, independence and opportunities for persons with disabilities living in poverty in Asia and Africa. I am also the proud mummy of 6 year old twin boys and a 10 year old doggie named Cooper. 

To me, International Womens Day means ……..
A time to pause and reflect on how far women have come in society, but also how much further we need to go to ensure all women live in dignity and without fear.

My biggest inspiration is……..
My children.

I practice at Sadhana because……..
It is not just a yoga studio, it’s a community that supports and carries each other.



Meet Lenka

Lenka is 43 years old and has been a Sadhana member for nearly four years. PR director by day, and runner turned yogi by night, Lenka is a  lover of the natural world, active lifestyle, exploring this planet and volunteering at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

To me, International Women’s Day means ……..
Appreciation of the legacy of the movements before us, celebrating women’s achievements past and present and continuing to strive for gender parity.

My biggest inspiration is……..
This quote by Albert Einstein:

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

I practise at Sadhana because……..
The Sadhana studio and teachers always make every effort to support and enhance everyone’s experience. And to teach you that your own practice will become the real teacher on your yoga journey and in life.

Meet Annemiek

I’m Annemiek, mother of 3 boys ages 5,7 & 9. I’ve been practicing yoga on a day to day basis since 5 years. Although I still see myself mainly as a yogi student I’ve recently qualified as a yoga teacher with Stewart Gilchrist and I’m teaching an open Vinyasa flow on the Tuesday morning.















International Women’s Day means ……..
It actually makes me sad that this day is needed, woman and man still aren’t equal, and in some countries us women are still not even allowed to vote, or have equal right…it’s slowly moving into the right direction but many more glass sealing should be shattered and equal pay should be a given.

My biggest inspiration is……..
my mum…she passed away three years ago but since this happened I feels her energy more than ever and she stand next to me when ever I need a bit or support.

I practise at Sadhana because……..
I love everything about this studio. Staff, students, atmosphere, all the different classes and workshops. It gives me an instant smile when I walk through the door.





Meet Desi

Full of energy and passion for releasing potential, I consider myself European, am a mother of two young boys, a senior partner in a management consulting firm working full-time and a health & wellbeing fanatic.

 To me, International Womens Day means ……..
1) Celebrating the inspiring and courageous work done around the world to secure women’s rights and shape more tolerant and equitable societies.

2) Reflect on the work that remains and the many women voices that still go unheard and who continue to be excluded from realizing their full potential.

My biggest inspiration is……..
My mother, who from a young age repeatedly told me ‘throughout your life, make sure you can stand tall on your own two feet’.

I practise at Sadhana because……..
I can leave the world at the door, recalibrate, reflect and reconnect and walk out into the world more intentional and a kinder version of my self