International Peace Day

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International Peace Day

The 21st of September is a fantastic day for the World as it marks International Peace Day (also known as – World Peace Day).

It’s a beautiful way to celebrate something we should all be aiming to practice on a daily basis, but it is great that we actually have a day like this to try and help people to think twice before actions.

The History

International Peace Day Was first celebrated in 1982 on Tuesday and the theme was the Right to peace of people. In 2001 instead of having the International Peace Day on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, it was solidified on the 21st of September.

Peace @ Kula Yoga & Wellbeing

Here at Kula, we provide a home for peace, for yoga, for health – both mentally and physically. And with you the fantastic practitioner, alongside the; teachers, therapists, receptionists, helping hands, management, writers and owner (Gerry Lopez) we aim to make every day International Yoga Day. It is sad that we must mark a day like this in a World that should be peaceful every day, something that we are ever so far away from. But with the increase of yoga in the world over the past decade, we alongside many other peaceful practices are doing our bit to help those in the community lead more harmonious and happier lives.

Making a difference

We can do so much ourselves on this day to help others. Whether that is helping an old lady get her bag up the stairs at the train station, or taking some time to share the wonderful practice of yoga and meditation with others, we all have the ability and have the time. It could even be a gratitude list, or you could even just pop in for a class yourself with us here at Kula Yoga & Wellbeing to celebrate.
Whatever it is you chose to do, the fact that you are even trying to make a change is a wonderful thing in itself.

Thanks for reading and regardless of what you are going through if you can practise peace within we can all help make changes to the world.

Written by Suraj Ghumra