Happy and Healthy

Community advice

We make sure the studio is clean and safe at all time. Here is how: 

Our Ventilation

Our sophisticated ventilation system draws in fresh air from outside. The supply and extract of air are facilitated by powerful fans and filtered.

The air is continuously renewed and purged after each hot class.

Our Air Purifier

Our state-of-the-art hospital-grade air purifier traps and destroys 99.97% of airborne bacteria, viruses, allergens and dust.

Rensair is in constant use during all classes.

Our Mat Sanitising machine

Our Matsana machine is the ultimate mat sanitising solution using concentrated UV light to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi… and it removes odours from mats too!

Yoga mats are kept clean, safe and odourless.


In between Matsana deep cleaning sessions, you can also wipe your mat with the sanitiser and clothes provided.

Sanitising spray are available at any time.

Our Vacuum cleaner

Robert our Vacuum cleaner robot works relentlessly to keep the studio impeccable at all time.

You might have seen it in action in between classes!

Daily cleaning

Our studio is cleaned and disinfected daily. If you see a corner that is not spotless, let our staff know and we’ll ensure it gets special attention.

Our cleaner works late in the evening to keep the studio pristine!