Meet the Staff – Letitia Simone Wilkinson

This month we have a Meet the Staff entry with Letitia, who has been with the studio since it opened in the summer of 2013. Enjoy this great read!
Why and when did you start working at BYCJ? I have been with BYCJ since we first opened, I was a dance student at the time and was already practising Bikram Yoga, therefore, BYCJ was the perfect place to work alongside my dance training and luckily I have wonderful friends to work with too!

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Meet the Teacher – Marylou McDonnell

Why did you want to start teaching Bikram Yoga?

A couple of months into discovering Bikram Yoga, I knew that I had found something that would be significant for me for a long time to come. Every time I walked through the door of BYCJ, it just felt right. As it happens, I walked through that door pretty much every day (occasionally twice!) and the studio began to feel like a home from home. As my love for the practice deepened in those first few months, I started to dream about what it would be like to teach a class. It was not just the yoga that was changing my life but also the teachers who were inspirational and helping me to access the wonders of the practice. Continue reading “Meet the Teacher – Marylou McDonnell”

Meet the Staff: Marylou McDonnell

I’m so grateful for the warm welcome I received at BYCJ when I returned to London recently from Teacher Training in Thailand. I worked hard to represent us all well and I had an incredible time. We were 333 students from 38 countries. The resort we were staying in was beautiful and on the beach, so we were a particularly lucky group of trainees. It was extremely humid and hot which was a challenge but, as you all know, our ability to challenge ourselves is key to the practice of Bikram Yoga so we took it on the chin :). Continue reading “Meet the Staff: Marylou McDonnell”

Meet The Teacher – Sam Magee

sam-mWhat was the reason you started doing Bikram Yoga? I had already been practicing different styles of yoga for a few years and then a Bikram yoga studio opened up near where I worked. I went to try it out with a colleague and instantly loved the system due to the the tremendous therapeutic benefits and detoxing.

How long have you been teaching for and how has your life changed since becoming a Bikram yoga teacher? I have been teaching for almost 13 years. My life as a teacher is very flexible in that we do not work regular hours.We tend to work when most people do not as in evenings and weekends. Also our students can be so varied and that makes each every class different and interesting. Continue reading “Meet The Teacher – Sam Magee”