Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Bikram Yoga Class

Bikram yoga may take a few classes to get used to. Once you have adjusted to the heat and your body has gone through the initial opening up and detoxification stages you will start feeling the incredible health benefits this miraculous system offers. The postures are always the same but you are different both physically and mentally every time you practise. Continue reading “Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Bikram Yoga Class”

Young Yogis

Before the boom of Bikram Yoga, yoga was not the number one choice of exercise by the younger generation of the western world.

The image of sitting in a room with old people, doing funny movements and postures – oooing and ahhhing was the typical the stereotype, and the emergence of Bikram Yoga changed this whole perception. Continue reading “Young Yogis”

The Importance of Savasana

Keeping still is one of the hardest things for us to do, especially in that heat! 60 seconds of absolute stillness can seem like 20 minutes and there will always be something distracting you right?!

Savasana is sanskrit for Dead Body Pose and once we actually get to that place we will not be moving a muscle! So there is no doubt this is hard to do when we are live and kicking, however it is one of most important postures in Yoga and for some it takes years to master and for others it may be a walk in the park. Continue reading “The Importance of Savasana”

Nutrition For Yoga

Our internal body balances varies with age and gender. About 45% to 50% of body weight in females is water. Since males generally have higher amounts of lean mass, body water is around 50% to 60%.When normal conditions exist in the body, we have many mechanisms to help preserve our fluid and electrolyte balance. Continue reading “Nutrition For Yoga”

Meet the Staff: Stephanie Hollis

image of Steph Hollis
Steph Hollis – Bikram Yoga teacher
“Never underestimate your own body’s healing power….this Yoga is a medicinal practise that will give your body the tools to heal and change for the better”.

That was the first of many lessons that I have learnt from my first Bikram Yoga teacher and now mentor back in Sydney 6 years ago.

I was a Ballet dancer when I first discovered Bikram Yoga (thanks to my mother!), and was immediately hooked…..the intensity and discipline that Bikram yoga demands was very familliar to the Classical Ballet training I was going through. At the time I thought I was healthy and strong, but very quickly I realised how much damage I was doing to my body and mind as a Ballerina ( Yoga tends to go give you tremendous awareness and insight into your bodies true needs and wants).

Shortly after I started Bikram Yoga I was diagnosed with PCOS, and was told I had to be on medication for the rest of my life.I decided to leave the Ballet world as it was jeopardising to my body and overall well being. I started practising Yoga almost everyday….hoping that my body would start to heal and restore, just like my teacher had said. After 6 years of regular practise and a Teacher Training in-between, I have not needed my medication for 3 years!!! It works!!