Bikram Yoga & ACL Reconstruction Rehab

If you are reading this you are either researching the best ways to rehab, currently rehabbing or just plain curious.

An Anteriror Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction of the knee joint is one of the most common surgeries and the recovery time can be up to a year. That is a long time for anybody and even after the instructed rehab has finished for many the pain can still be a problem as surgery doesn’t always mean a pain free life.

This is where Bikram Yoga comes in as an aid for your ACL reconstruction rehab.

image of Standing Bow Pose
Standing Bow Pose

In fact before I go into more detail – the Bikram Yoga Sequence was designed to fix Bikram’s knee after a weight crushed his knees and without surgery, the power of Yoga and the guidance of his mentor – Bishnu Gosh, he was able to regain full motion of his knee. Many people familiar with the yoga will already know this and that is one of the biggest reasons this yoga helps so many people recover from knee problems.

Combining your physio and Bikram Yoga you will be back in action in no time, and you will be able to maintain the health of your knee.

This is a practice to aid your normal physio therapy rehab, or to practice after you have fully rehabbed but please be sure to check with your physiotherapist and doctor before starting.

The following factors explain why the yoga helps those going through rehab and even post rehab.

  • The heat allows the joint to relax giving it the stretch it needs.
  • The emphasis on locking the knee helps to realign the knee and creates a strong muscular structure around the joint.
  • The calm and relaxing environment that your mind goes into during practice will allow you work with the tightness of the knee; giving it the safe stretch it needs.
  • Yoga pumps fresh oxygenated blood around the body to the knees where they are needed the most and this really helps the healing process.
  • The repetition in the sequence balances out the body and builds muscles correctly, giving strength equally throughout the body.

During the practice please do not miss out: Fixed Firm – Supta Vajrasana, this is the knee healer, and even though 99% of “rehabbers” will not be able to do the full expression at the beginning, you must start this – the teacher will guide you and this right here is the knee healer regardless you have had surgery or not! Before you know it you will be in the full expression and happier than ever.

Before you start tell the teacher about your injury, listen to them and also listen to your body – do not strain yourself in any posture.

I am speaking from experience. I have had two ACL reconstructions and using Bikram Yoga to rehab both, I can say I have been very lucky to have this practice – the picture above shows the beauty of the practice and what it can do for the injured.

If you have any further questions about ACL rehab please email me at – [email protected] and I will be more than happy to guide you through and give you some tips to get you back to what you love doing most.

Written by Suraj Ghumra

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