The History of Yoga

The History of Yoga

Yoga means union (to unite), the union of the mind and body. The union of life within, the yoga of life with others. And you may hear many other meanings and defintions about this fantastic practice, way of life and word. Yoga has been around for almost 5000 years, and what a journey it’s been… Continue reading “The History of Yoga”

Vinyasa Teacher Training with Suraj Ghumra

Sadhana Vinyasa Teacher Training 2018

This year marks our first ever Vinyasa Teacher Training (TT), and what an amazing journey it has been so far. Speaking to the trainees and trainers, we have received so much fantastic feedback and it’s another amazing chapter at Sadhana Wellbeing.  To understand more, our Marketing Executive, Gemma, spoke with Suraj Ghumra.

Suraj has been practicing  yoga and writing for Sadhana for almost 3 years now. He started his yoga journey almost 7 years ago, and we hope you enjoy his insight on the TT:

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