May and Michelle – Yoga Together..

May on Practicing Yoga With Michelle..

Practicing yoga together means that we can encourage one another and keep up the momentum and motivation.

There are days when you don’t want to leave the house and your mind is occupied by all sorts. Or work has taken over your time and invaded the mind. Life, family and friends too can be demanding. So having a friend, partner in crime within your yoga classes is such a good way forward.

When you practice with someone else you become a team and you see a journey through together, which is on-going. You develop and when you do this with a partner the challenge becomes more than yoga.
It creates positive energies and the mind and body connection is greater. You have someone you can discuss the yoga poses with.

Michelle and I both have our favourite poses ones we are both good at individually and ones where we both struggle with as well as ones we do so happily. This helps us to improve in a greater way then you imagine -Because we can both see that one day we can achieve it… Not putting on time limits. Just showing each other it can be done.

There can be elements of competitiveness and positive growth through training together. I met Michelle at the studio and we have a good friendship as well as doing classes together. Most of all we can laugh together and not take it all too seriously. We are both able to encourage and motivate one another, so that we get to class. Why is it important to have each other in the class, you might be asking? It’s great because it’s sharing, learning and improving. (Sharing is caring, people) If you want to give up, having that support in the room helps. Together you help shape the class and show others that determination. Our classes are always more fun and relaxed when we practice together.

We would both recommend on sharing your yoga journey with someone as well as on your own. It’s very powerful as you become more aware and in tune with you body as a team. There is a universal connection and you can see that in practicing yoga together.

Michelle on Practicing Yoga with May…

My journey with Hot Yoga started in 2011. At the time I was working in Canary wharf for the head office of a bank and was looking for an outlet to release my stresses of working in such a busy environment. So I signed up to the 30 day offer at Bikram Yoga London Canary Wharf. I really enjoyed my first class and the feeling it gave me, however after the offer I left employment at Canary Wharf and could not find a studio closer to where I lived so I did not continue my practice. Five years later after doing two more introductory offers at Sohot Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga Society, I came across Kula. Kula was perfect because it was close to home and I was looking for an alternative to my gym work out.

Since joining Kula last year June, I cancelled my gym membership and have not looked back. The studio has a lovely atmosphere and the Kula team are amazing. I feel myself getting less stressed in certain situations and I am losing weight which was one of my main goals. The Kula teachers are very encouraging and helpful, which I did not find at other studios I visited over the years. I have also met some really lovely people at Kula, like May who is a real gem at encouraging me to enhance my practice.  We normally practice together when time permits and motivate each other to attend a class on those days we are feeling like we have had a stressful day at work and cannot be bothered. I also persuaded my bestie Patricia to sign up and she is now hooked as well.

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