A Yoga Story of 2 Friends..

Annemiek (left of the picture) on practicing with Sammy

Yoga together with my friend is getting recharged, having fun and having a proper workout all together. The best thing is afterwards when you are so happy you’ve looked after yourself, your body & your mind & each other.  You sit down in the chill area, we have a little chat and we enjoying that big bottle of water that suddenly tastes better than the best G&T. It’s just a treat to share a passion like this and it makes yourself & your friendship grow stronger and stronger.

Sammy (right of the picture) on practicing with Annemiek
Practicing yoga with one of my best friends:
She loves me even covered in sweat, a purple face and with my tummy after 3 babies. She laughs with me when I fall over, she encourages me to keep going when I’m tired and run down. She inspires me with her strength and when we catch each other’s eye in the mirror, no words are needed. She just gets it!
Practising with my buddy makes me stronger and more humble as we are in our journey together. It’s like our secret medicine that we take together and no one can take away from us